Since I recently starting posting about my farewell to house music I got a lot of loving and caring messages. Believe me: it means a lot. But don’t worry, I’m happy and I will continue to create music until the very end. To show you how uplifted I am I filmed some bits in the studio tonight – nothing that is planned for one of my next releases but a kind of music I am often thinking about and sometimes find happy, little moments to work on.
This is a veeeeeeery old tune that I wrote and recorded to demo more than fifteen years ago. Back in the day one can tell I was deeply influenced by people like Lyle, Pat, Milton, Lo, etc… I literally have dozens of these kind of pieces in my archive and never felt like showing them to the public. Everything that slightly resembles Pat is suspicious of being a rip off since his personal voice is so strong and unmistakable. After all these years though I feel that nothing is is wrong with these compositional studies of mine and that there is a lot of personal love and life affirming positivity in them. One day I will work on another Passion Dance Orchestra album and put as much light on it as possible. F..k those dark, cold and ignorant times we live in.
p.s.: if your football team of choice would listen to something like this during warm up they would play pretty cool, no doubt about it, right?!!!



Today I was listening back to some tunes from my first album. I’ll always remember these recordings as the session of my life. But after I released „Dreamland“ I was so frustrated because it got overlooked so heavily (even though my label had quiet a run with some successful 12″s we were dropping back then). As far as I remember Japan was the only territory where I sold a reasonable amount of cd’s – anywhere else feedback was non existent. 
Those experiences made me such a self critical guy that I began doubting EVERYTHING in my music. The ease from the Dreamland session faded away within a couple months. I thought the sound sucked, my playing was horrible, my do it all by myself approach was a bad idea, lack of talent, etc… 
Nowadays I have to realise that tunes like „Thought Of You“ are simply the best stuff I’ve ever produced. The intuitive, emotional, improvised kind of writing process felt wonderful. I should have continued to travel that path and forget about the overthinking academic detour I took since. It’s never to late though and I decided to try my best and get in touch with the purest version of my musical personality again.