• Transcription time. I was too lazy to go to the studio and write new material. So I decided to transcribe some personal faves of mine. Hope I can digest this genius piece from Lyle Mays to become a more fluent player and better composer... Who knows 'Chorinho'?
  • Repost from last night at distillery, Leipzig.
  • Tonight I have a cool setup, Leipzig crew even organized an OB6 for me, yeah!!! 20 years of R.A.N.D.
  • Tomorrow in Leipzig...
  • In these politically confusing times for Brazil it is pretty hard for me to understand and feel what exactly made me fall in love with it's people and culture many many years ago. It's their amazing music of course! To show my solidarity I decided to pick up the pandeiro and learn it from scratch. Impossible to do it the Brazilian way for a guy like me but I will keep on trying to make at least my wife dance a little. Guess what: She's from🇧🇷
  • Don't fear the sound
  • Last night at @cafeberlinmadrid and the @bluelightsinthebasement party with groovemeister @hendrik_smock. My laptop, guitar and keyboard were soaking wet in the end beacuase I sweated that much - always a sign that we really got lost in the music and the moment... Thanks to all the nice people showing up, supporting and giving so many nice compliments after the set...
  • Tonite with @hendrik_smock on drums! Madrid: We're on our way...
  • A new NEEDS release is coming to you very soon. DON’T FEAR THE SOUND!!! pre orders at @rushhourstore
  • Feeling blessed to work with such amazing musicians like master drummer @hendrik_smock who is a real monster player! We had such a cool rehearsal for our forthcoming gig in Madrid next Friday. 
For some reason ALL drummers I work with are amazing - what a wonderful world!!!