• Many of my favourite rhythms come from a technique called mixed meters. If the basic idea is strong one can play relatively simple stuff and still get nice and swinging results. And yes, this is another album jam...
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  • All those tunes I recorded over many years that I never put out. All those chords, melodies, time shifts, theme variations, conclusions... All these stories that I only told to myself...
  • My life is a neverending recording session. This is something from an album that was supposed to be House music mainly. Threw all original plans overboard and will make a record that ALSO has some of that 4 to the floor vibe but mainly just music. I don't know why I ever compromised so much to dance when the genre never had a space for me anyway. Album will be released next year and could sound like this.
  • Who knows what I'm playing here? It's a re-harmonisation of a very famous tune. Made it more than ten years ago, but after re discovering it today in my old folder I got quiet hooked and worked on making it sound good on my guitar.
  • My musical diary and some songs i wrote in the past. Look at the folder list on the left and then inside just ONE of them! I have hundreds of tunes that are wonderful to my ears and heart that still need to be recorded. Maybe I should give some of them to other musicians. There is no way I can record all this music by myself.
  • Hello people,

for those of you who keep asking for my music in digital format: This is my most precious record in many years. The 'Full Expansion' of Walkin Thru Circles took a loooong time to put together and represents everything I've always been dreaming of since I first started creating dance music. Please recommend to all your family and friends so that I can continue making music like this in the future. It's tough to maintain a life in the studio in times like this...
Peace, L.
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  • Tonight at Yachtklub Frankfurt: Once again I have the honour to play with two of my favourite musicians Oli Leicht and @olirubow. We regularly play free improvised sets there but tonight we will play to make you dance! Looking forward...
  • Gig starts in a minute!
  • Not a heavy music collector any longer these days but I stick to my rule: When I stream an album more than twice I buy it. These albums are the last outcome of that very procedure. I'm a cd guy by the way, how uncool is that!